Tree of Life Wisdom

The winter season is often described as the season at the end of the cycle ! It's a bit like the season that everyone sees as the finality of all things. So, I ask you the question how do you want to end a year? You want to bury yourself and hibernate like animals! But it's the cold season and you have to protect yourself from it! For years of civilization, winter has been the most feared period! But we must not live in fear and anxiety. In this case, it would be much more beneficial for you to do something to prepare yourself for the beautiful seasons to come! This is where we want to get to: have the wisdom to never be satisfied with the minimum, develop a sense of keen curiosity!

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is a notion of prudence, moderation, and sometimes knowledge. It is often said that “the wisdom of life is always deeper and broader than the wisdom of men” by Maxim Gorky. So, to claim to have it, you have to go through many processes to move towards this perspective.

Why seek wisdom?

By being more observant , you have a better chance of gathering information from those around you. A wise being is often presented as someone who has the answers to all things. As great philosophers have said before, being wise is not something that we can acquire, it is the notion towards which we tend throughout our lives! You must accumulate a set of experiences that aim for small, intense joys and continue to seek it, then by taking a step back, you will see, through your memories, the real moments of wisdom!

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