Tree of Life Duty

The fall season is a subject that few people appreciate. It's true ! Ask the first person you believe, and ask them what do you think about the month of fall? He will answer you: “Nothing exceptional, you just have to work, spend the time to find the good seasons like winter or spring”. It’s crazy isn’t it! So that you move forward in your lives like the tree that continues to grow every day, every minute, every second, here are the feelings you should carry on an autumn day!

What is duty?

Duty is a particular and concrete obligation. It is what we must do in a given situation, what we are required to do out of pure respect for a regulation, a law, reason, morality, convenience or the fact of the situation. personal.

Why talk about duty?

Let me explain, autumn means that the trees are colored with pretty leaves, that we put away our summer clothes and that we take out sweaters , a new category of clothing. This season therefore marks change. So, we can imagine that this is the perfect time to focus on yourself and develop new goals and life projects!

After reading a certain number of articles, I was able to read that autumn is very synonymous with anxiety and moral suffering like the start of the school year, everything is relative to the individual of course! So by setting goals, we mark the end of anxiety and the departure of desire and motivation?

To tell you, at our place, each member of the staff appreciates the idea of ​​autumn because we have the impression of taking the lead in breaking out of the mold, of getting out of our comfort zone and of always looking for the next step. And it is without putting pressure on ourselves, moving forward step by step, that we should approach this season!

And what does loneliness and depression do to you?

We are aware of this negative feeling . The falling temperatures , the feeling of coldness , the uncertainty, the anxiety of work, of school. All of these forms reinforce those autumn feelings of loneliness. You have never noticed that the majority of single people complain about their status or that this same majority wants to form a relationship. While in summer, on the contrary, this majority relishes this status! It's funny, isn't it?

To summarize, you just have to say to yourself, change a little little by little during the fall season! So that you can remember it, we made this collection dedicated to this feeling of duty and responsibility. So come and discover a jewel from the Devoir tree of life collection .