Orgonites Tree of Life

Discover our Orgonite Tree of Life collection ! You will find a wide choice of pyramids made by hand from peridot stone, resin, copper and a semi-precious stone . But, what is an orgonite? An orgonite by definition is a material made up of polymer resin formed of carbon chains, metal shavings, minerals and biterminated quartz crystals.

What is an orgonite ?

More than 70 years ago, Wilhelm REICH, a medical doctor, carried out his research in the field of human biogenetic functions. Through this research, he highlights the Cosmic Primordial Energy at the origin of all life. He calls it: “ Cosmic Orgone Energy ”. For Wilhelm, this is the omnipresent vital energy . Hence the name of this object: an Orgonite !

From what we know, this energy has existed since the world was the world we know. According to certain traditions, it is called Chi, Prana, Eter, Elan vital, Akaska, Fifth element . Its role is to purify the harmful orgone (vital energy) and redistribute it to the universe in its primordial state of purity . It is a benefactor who transforms all forms of negative energy into living and positive energy .

Why should I have it in my home?

We have developed this collection composed of orgonite to accompany you daily on your path of personal and spiritual development. Transmit your energy of the day to them and they will rebroadcast purified positive energy to you in return!

If you are interested in the practice of using objects to feel better thanks to natural stones and crystals , we advise you to learn about lithotherapy . To tell you about it quickly, it is an unconventional medical practice which uses natural stones to treat various body ailments such as anxiety, anguish, emotional stress. To find out more, don’t hesitate to read our blog article on lithotherapy!