Tree of life: the city of the world tree


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Welcome to the World Tree City

A unique environment dedicated to an ancestral entity, which is the symbol of life and the natural cycle . Our store draws a lot of inspiration from these symbolic aspects such as the foliage which allows the tree to meet its needs peacefully, the roots firmly anchored underground and the branches which reach towards the sky.

The Tree of Life therefore embodies the link that exists between the Earth and the beyond, this connection which compliments itself between the vital force and the origin. This is why we set up our store

Tree of Life the City of the World Tree including our ranges of jewelry, accessories and decorations.

We have worked hand in hand with our designer team to make you experience this love we have for Nature . Our collections are constantly evolving and we select only quality products.

Take your time to live this great experience through our blog and our products.

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the world tree!

My dear disciples, we are happy to welcome you at the foot of the Tree of Life , in our City of the World Tree!

In this authentic place, you will find a large number of articles related to this symbol .

Whether you are looking for an original piece of jewelry ( ring, pendant, bracelets , etc.), a refreshing interior decoration or an accessory identifying with the Tree of Life, you have come to the right place !

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World Tree City