Tree of Life Paintings

Are you looking for a Tree of Life Painting to brighten up your interior ? Discover our range for your happiness!

You would like to acquire a beautiful Tree of Life wall decoration . Here, in the city of the World Tree, we offer you many different styles in terms of paintings : realistic painting, oil painting, modern canvases, contemporary canvases, unique paintings or even triptych paintings . ..

Why buy a painting?

You are probably wondering why should I buy a painting for my interior? The answer is quite simple, you will be able to bluff your friends by highlighting your personality and your tastes through the different rooms of your house or apartment. This is a little pleasure that you can treat yourself to, to make you feel even more at home! In addition, with the Tree of Life symbol , your pieces will radiate positive waves . The Tree of Life is a symbol , which brings you an authentic vision of life in addition to being pleasant to look at. He embodies fertility, strength, stability, wisdom, the balance between heaven and Earth . It is therefore an excellent motif to display at home, on the living room wall or in your bedroom!

How are these Tree of Life Paintings made?

Our canvases are made with Canvas technology. A printing technique recognized worldwide for its quality in its production and for its durability over time. We want to ensure that the best paintings we offer you guarantee a splendid decoration for your interior.

Where should I place 5-piece, triptych or single paintings in my home?

By remaining pragmatic, with a single 5-piece board , you have the advantage of being able to arrange them as you wish, up to 5 pieces different from each other. Whether for your dining room , the bedroom or even, why not, the bathroom , this type of painting offers you a very original and successful decoration . The choice is yours! But be careful to compliment the chosen painting with the colors of your wallpaper!

Is the frame taken into account when purchasing the canvas?

In the different tables that we make available to you, there are those that take the frame into account in the purchase and others that do not! For what ? Quite simply, so that we can meet the various needs of our customers who sometimes wish to acquire a painting to put it in another more appropriate frame according to their tastes, thus saving money! On the other hand, for framed paintings, most are available with a wooden frame option . A very light, strong and reliable material in the long term.

What types of Tree of Life paintings are available for purchase?

Among our wide range of paintings , you will find paintings by the famous artist Gustav Klimt but other varieties of paintings appearing on the list below:

  • Tree of life painting gustav klimt
  • Abstract Tree of Life Painting
  • Realistic Tree of Life Painting
  • Tree of life color painting

What is the production time?

Each of the parts takes time to produce. Thus, according to the table the delay can be extended to ensure good printing quality. Once ready, we will inform you as soon as possible by email in addition to your order tracking.

We also add that we offer you shipping costs on all products!

100% of our customers are satisfied with our services because, even in the event of a problem, we are there to assist you and meet your requests !