Tree of Life Rings

Among the collections that we offer in our store, rings are very popular pieces of jewelry. Where to buy a ring? How to choose your ring? Which ring for which finger? We try to answer all your questions.

Firstly, it is advisable to have a preference for a type of rings such as solitaire rings mainly bought for engagements . This is a ring with just a diamond in the middle to attract attention. Eternity rings , a ring that is covered in precious stones , also buy for an engagement . there are many others, however, we offer you more affordable and casual rings to decorate your fingers.

Which finger wears a women's ring?

For us, any finger can be used to wear a ring. But in the majority the answer would be the ring finger . For what ? Because its name directly refers to the ring whether on the left or right hand.

Traditionally, a wedding ring and an engagement ring are worn on the ring finger . In France, as in several countries, this symbol of the union of two people who love each other is worn on the left ring finger . So to avoid misunderstandings, it is preferable that you wear the rings on the right hand , to clearly show that it is a decorative object.

Rings for the index finger are often synonymous with injuries so we advise you to be careful in your daily activities so that you do not damage the jewel and yourself.

Rings worn on the middle finger are an ideal choice because it is the longest finger and is the most visible. This will make it very visible to those around you. And therefore, it is considered the identity finger par excellence! We therefore advise you to make your choice carefully because it represents your tastes and your personality .

Rings for the thumb , as for the index finger, are widely used in everyday life and can cause injuries and sometimes even blockages of the ring on the finger because the phalanx furthest from your palm is generally wider than the rest of the finger. Therefore, your ring may remain blocked!

How to know your ring size?

By definition, the size of a ring is the average size of the knuckle of the finger . For example, by measuring the circumference of the finger where the ring will be placed, we obtain 4.9 cm and for the joint, we have 5.1 cm, the average is 5 cm. Then, we multiply this number by 10x to obtain the size of the final ring. In this example, we would get 50 cm. You will therefore need to buy a ring with a size of 50.

If you already have a ring in your size you can simply measure its diameter and compare this measurement in the table below:

ring size guide

How to measure the size of your finger?

In the absence of a professional or a measuring tool, you can possibly use a seamstress's tape or cut a piece of paper lengthwise and wrap it around your finger.

Be careful not to tighten the piece of paper or the measuring tape too much and do it well on the second phalanx so that you can put your ring on the middle of the finger.

Then mark where the strip meets.

Unroll it and measure it using a ruler to identify the number then record this measurement on the table or carry out the calculation to determine your ideal ring size.

Don't worry, we have put this size guide on all of our products for you to check before purchasing.

Tree of Life Rings

Discover the best collection dedicated to Tree of Life Rings in France! Fan of Nature , of our planet!

This range of Tree of Life Rings is made up of the categories listed below:

  • Gold Tree of Life Ring
  • Ring Tree of Life Money
  • Ring Tree of Life Steel
  • Ring Tree of Life Semi-precious stone


If you are looking for a Gold-plated Tree of Life Ring , you will definitely find the one you need. This range is particularly appreciated by our loyal customers and remains an essential range.


The Tree of Life Silver ring is much more accessible and to this is added a touch of discretion for those who remain in their own personal comfort. These Silver Rings , whether rush or not, highlight the delicacy of your fingers and make them shine. Rhodium provides excellent reliability and longevity to your Tree of Life jewelry .


The Tree of Life Steel Ring is a piece of jewelry that we highlight because it embodies simplicity itself with a pinch of femininity that highlights your elegance. This is why we find a lot of them from any jewelry brand or from a jeweler.


The Semi-precious Stone Tree of Life Ring is a category that we highlight because our clientele is rather young and particularly asks us to provide various jewelry that falls into this category because, according to them, these Tree jewelry de Vie Semi-precious Stone accentuates the originality of the personality in our young women in addition to being very affordable in terms of price.