Tree of Life Renewal

Spring , the season of renewal of nature , the return of migratory birds and the awakening of hibernating animals . It is also representative of the return of the mating seasons for animals as well as for human beings. This is a euphoric time . The feeling that humans develop when starting a new year is similar to the sunrise after a long, tiring night . It is well known that the sun acts as a powerful antidepressant and its return allows us all to improve our morale!

What is the connection between renewal and the tree of life?

First of all, what does the tree of life mean for the World Tree city? The meaning of the tree of life is mainly linked to the notion of the cycle of life . According to Wikipedia , the life cycle is a period of time during which a succession of sentences takes place that make up the complete life of a living organism. By taking a step back, we observe that after one end of life , another is born. So based on this generality, what lesson can we draw from it?

What lesson can we learn from this?

Just try to apply this rule to ourselves! We give you an example case: A year ago, at my starting point, successfully getting a boyfriend was the plan, then, I asked myself questions, what kind of person do I like? What are the character traits that I like? Then, take actions and decisions , and based on that, we can get results to bounce back from. Thus we were able to illustrate the notion of cycle and awareness . And that is the key! It is up to you to specify each element and navigate your way as you wish!

But what is renewal?

Renewal is simply the second and certainly not the last of an infinite number of unfoldings of the same process! By having this feeling in mind, you put yourself in a situation of self-reflection and a desire to act on your words ! You can find renewal no matter what area you want. In business, when you find yourself in failure or success, renewal is always the step to adopt ! Without it, you wall yourself off in comfort and frustration. We must therefore move on to the next step! Progression , the saving step that allows you to move forward in your life ! To achieve this, self-renewal is the solution !

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