Tree of Life pregnancy bola

In our pregnancy bola collection , you will find a wide choice of jewelry specially designed for pregnant women . What is a pregnancy bola? A pregnancy bola is first of all a very trendy piece of jewelry for pregnant women. These jewels are worn around the neck as a necklace or a pendant to remain elegant . It highlights a bohemian or ethnic look depending on the choice of jewelry.

What is a pregnancy bola?

To answer this concretely, it is worn as a necklace or simply as a long necklace . It is a fashion accessory that perfectly compliments maternity outfits . It brings a very significant touch to your maternity wardrobe because it can enhance the belly of a young pregnant woman , because yes, we know that starting a new family reminds you of your life as a young woman with a great physique . But don't worry, we're here to support you and remind you that it's still relevant!

To return to the original subject, the bola consists of a long necklace with a ball-shaped piece with a marble inside. Ideally, the chain should be 115 centimeters so that it fits the rounded belly of the mother-to-be and sits at the level of the navel . It is at this level that the future baby best hears sound effects coming from the outside world. For example, the bell -shaped pendant is perfect for producing a harmonious sound for baby's little ears .

On the other hand, if this fantastic piece of jewelry is not decorated, it would be sad. For this, our pregnancy bolas are decorated with the symbol of the tree of life . This symbolism has par excellence a notion of family and bonds of eternal love .

Why a pregnancy bola?

Are you wondering where this item comes from? Originally, this jewel comes from Indonesia , more precisely the island of Bali . Traditionally in Indonesian families, future mothers receive this type of jewelry as a birth gift . This jewel is therefore considered a lucky charm which serves to protect the baby and the mother during this nine-month period which is always complicated to live with.

For information, a fetus is able to perceive sounds from outside the mother's womb from the 19th week of pregnancy . Thus the ringing produces a bell sound with each movement. This piece of jewelry will therefore be a significant object for the proper development of a fetus and in no way damages the baby's hearing .

After childbirth , mothers , you either have the possibility of remounting the jewel to be worn around the neck or bequeathing it to your newborn as a birth jewel . This piece of jewelry will bring good vibes and allow you to create a tangible link with your descendants .

This jewel can also have other benefits such as for example it can be useful for rocking the newborn during breastfeeding .

So for a gift idea , it can be very original and be the symbolism of a guardian angel for the future baby .


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