Tree of Life Happiness

The summer season is often described as the season of happiness ! It's a bit like the season that everyone is waiting for, saying to themselves: the beautiful skies are coming back! we wait for the sun's rays to feel the skin warm up, longer days and tasty foods in abundance, vacations, colorful and light clothes ... The list goes on! You see that all these contributions of needs and feelings are positive and beneficial for an individual.

What is happiness?

Happiness , from its etymology derived from two words in Latin, "bonum and augurum", is a state of complete satisfaction characterized by its stability and durability. It is not just a brief contentment to be happy. It is by no means an intense and precise joy . Happiness is a global state . Man is fulfilled through his life and experiences a form of fullness. A stable situation!

Why seek happiness?

By being positive , you are more likely to find happiness , which is universally sought after. It is often presented as the highest goal of existence . To believe it, just ask a child the question, he will answer you 90%, I wish to be happy in my life! As great philosophers have said before, being happy is an individual and human experience. It is man who knows happiness and not the animal.

How to find happiness in our life?

The reason is simple, you have to accumulate a set of experiences with the objective of small, intense joys and continue to seek it, then by taking a step back, you will see, through your memories, the moments of happiness!

Guide to eternal happiness:

Here's the tip , set material and spiritual goals like I want to produce an article or I make sure I never complain! And if you are rigorous in your words and you take responsibility for keeping your word, you will live a 100% complete life . And I guarantee you will be very happy at the end of the race!

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