About Us

Notions like innovation, lifestyle, self-confidence arise from emotions, your mentality and your choices!

Our mission: Do you provide the solution that reminds you of who you are? What are my values? What direction should you take in your lives?

We have therefore set up an editorial team for our blog, to give you the necessary resources to achieve the result you were looking for. So, our goals are simple, to teach you the values ​​and concepts we believe are important.

Not to mention that all this is only possible thanks to your help and your trust in the Tree of Life: The City of the World Tree.

You wonder why sell jewelry and paintings! Quite simply, because we seek to disseminate in different forms these notions which surround the theme of the Tree of Life.

Know that the Tree of Life is rich in teaching, represents universal force and balance.

On the other hand, with us, online shopping is fast, convenient and secure, we actively update the blog and our products, so that you can have the most peaceful experience.

See you soon !

The city of the World Tree