Tree of Life Stickers

In our range of decorative objects , you have the opportunity to obtain wall stickers . But what exactly is a sticker? A decorative sticker is simply one or more self-adhesive labels with an adhesive side so that it clings to surfaces .

What are the different types of stickers?

There are several, but for the World Tree City , there are two types of stickers , more precisely, two types of adhesives :

  • Screen printing adhesive , which takes into account the quality of the printing as well as the economical production solution . This family of adhesive can be found in labels , stickers , marking , toy decoration , bibs , advertising materials .
  • On the other hand, the self-adhesive and the labels which have properties such as resistance to water , to extreme temperatures , to mold and aesthetic qualities are the characteristics of our stickers so that the rendering on the wall , at you, be ideal. All this, in order to obtain a long-lasting visual impact regardless of the environment .

How to stick a wall sticker?

To correctly stick a sticker , we advise you to follow the following steps . But before that, you need a clean cloth , a card or a squeegee with a flat edge:

  • Preparing the surface The wall on which you plan to place your sticker must be dusted with a dry cloth . Please note, if the surface has been newly painted , it is advisable to wait 3 weeks to 1 month to avoid getting the sticker sticky wet .
  • Preparing the sticker Unroll the sticker on the surface and with the card or squeegee, smooth the parts of the sticker where you can see air bubbles. So to do it, press one side of the bubble and go over it. And if there is more left, don't hesitate to go over it again, starting from the same side as the first time.
  • Note If this still fails, use a needle to prick the bubble . This can work, but be careful!

How to remove a sticker?

To cleanly remove a sticker , nothing could be simpler! Simply take a corner of the sticker , peel it off with your nail and pull it gently, being careful not to tear the sticker. Depending on how quickly you remove it, the pressure of the sticker will relax and make the task easier little by little.

On the other hand, if you still have problems removing it, use a hair dryer to warm the sticker away . The adhesive will react with heat and peel off easily .

Does it remove paint when peeling off the sticker?

We do not guarantee whether the paint will remove or not. However, in the majority of cases, it is rare to see the paint damaged after removing it.

Are stickers reusable?

They are not reusable after having glued them for the first time. This is why we advise you to choose your sticker carefully. The sticker is intended to personalize your interior decoration of your bedroom , bathroom , living room or even kitchen . They are made to put you in a relaxing setting , without reminding you that they add cheerfulness to your different spaces . The choice of visual is therefore essential ! Therefore, discover our wonderful Tree of Life Sticker collection!


This range of Tree of Life Sticker is made up of many visuals reminiscent of the Tree of Life motif . These stickers are there to put you in a framework of meditation , relaxation of the mind so that you can feel all the good vibes at home. In addition to adding an unusual aesthetic touch , it brings life to the different rooms of your house or apartment.