Tree of Life Earrings

Our Tree of Life jewelry also features a collection of earrings for women. Are you wondering which earring to choose? or which earrings to give? Whether your face is round, angular or even oval, you are probably wondering how to hide our little complexes to please! Don't worry, we will answer all your questions.

Don't be fooled by calling a piece of jewelry a simple accessory. With these items alone, jewelry can change a whole person. They have the special power to create optical effects that can change the way you are perceived.

First of all, it is important to know that under no circumstances should the earrings you wear take the same shape as your face. You must provide a significant observation in order to highlight your facial features . Therefore, it is not recommended to wear hoop earrings when you have a rounded face . On the other hand, they are idyllic for softening an angular shape . Following this example, it is best to wear earrings with geometric shapes like bars for rounded or rounded faces .

Come and discover our ranges of Tree of Life earrings which differ in several ranges. For us, earrings represent a notable aspect of a young woman's look during an evening. Imagine yourself with your magnificent dress accompanied by a pair of bar , hoop or round earrings perfectly highlighting your face. Now don't hesitate to browse through our collections to find what you're looking for!


The jewelry that you will find in the City of the World Tree is gilded with fine gold or 10 micron silver and is all made with great care and precision. With a pair of earrings from our Tree of Life collection, your presence will light up among the crowd of people, especially you have hoop earrings that show the creativity of your personality in wearing quite exotic symbols . While conversely, sober and discreet earrings will reflect a classic style and bring out the beautiful mature woman in you! So it is important to discern the different types of earrings that we offer you. You will be impressed to see how these earrings attract the curiosity of those around you in addition to giving you a dose of self-confidence. In addition, at the City of the World Tree , you have the chance to choose between:

  • Tree of Life Earrings Gold
  • Steel Tree of Life Earrings
  • Silver Tree of Life Earrings
  • Tree of Life Semi-precious Stone Earrings

You can find Tree of Life jewelry of this type in several forms:

  • Onyx : is a material which has the effect of improving your hearing, reviving the skin, nails and hair, and toning the heart and kidneys. In addition, on a spiritual level, it promotes a sense of responsibility and facilitates the release of stress or, more broadly, physical and mental tensions;
  • Opal : helps regulate digestive and gastric disorders and ensures regulation of the bladder and kidneys. On an emotional level, opal helps you give love and wisdom. It encourages you and allows you to develop your sense of creativity and originality.
  • Amethyst : This material has the benefit of having a preventive effect against drunkenness.
  • Garnet : considered the blood stone, acts on your heart and treats hypertension.
  • tiger's eye : used in the past as an object of protection for warriors going into battle. This stone, once worn, protects you in your life and professional projects and lights the way in difficult times.


For the gold earrings category, we mainly sell rose gold or simply gold earrings. They are there so that you can step out of your comfort zone and bring a new, more refreshing trend to your look.


In our collection, we have decided to give you a unique experience and that is why we range of steel earrings takes into account a category of stainless steel earrings . What means stainless ? it is a steel which includes several alloys in its composition such as the alloy of iron, chromium and carbon . A stainless steel simply means that the steel is resistant to corrosion.


For dress up an outfit a little basic, in the evening or for a special event, it absolutely must be complimented with an appropriate accessory such as a silver earrings . Moreover, for health reasons, carry money with you greatly benefits blood circulation. Permanent collections or limited series, have fun mixing and accumulating them to create your own style. Dare to be unique.


On the other hand, when a piece of jewelry is made of natural stones or semi-precious stones, it is often said that they go hand in hand with meditation and spirituality.

If you can't make your choice, we recommend silver earrings. For what ? you say. Quite simply, because silver has beneficial effects on blood circulation and maintains temperature well. Even more so, with a tree motif on the bracelet, you will have the opportunity to feel the benefits of the tree.

We strive to satisfy you as much as possible by deploying a wide range of Tree of Life earrings , so don't hesitate to buy now ! You are spoiled for choice!